The cost of flood protection

The final price tag for what will be three-plus months of battling flood waters in the Central Okanagan will come to tens of millions of dollars.

The exact figure may not be known for several months.

City of Kelowna manager Ron Mattiussi said Central Okanagan communities have billed about $12 million so far. But, what hasn't been determined yet is the cost of local municipal and regional district responses.

"The $12-million figure is the equipment and resources that have gone into it. Things we've paid," said Mattiussi.

"What we haven't accounted for is all the other time and effort that may have been done by different jurisdictions at different points.

"My guess, if I had to hazard one, and I hate to do that. $30 million, I don't know. It could be quite high when all is said and done."

Mattiussi says the big unknown is damage which has yet to be discovered.

Walking paths, boardwalks and seawalls may have to be repaired once damage assessments are done. Some damage may not be discovered for several months.

The provincial government is paying a large chunk of the bill. It is paying for the wildfire sandbag crews and for other firefighters who may have been doing the same work.

Mattiussi said anything that is damaged goes through a separate process.

"You have to pick up 20 per cent, and the remaining 80 per cent is picked up largely by the federal government through the provincial government."

There will likely also be numerous insurance claims from homeowners and municipalities to cover some costs.

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