Kelowna's Spidey jam


Kelowna-raised and world-renowned DJ Stickybuds has a new song that is featured in the new Spiderman movie trailer

"Our track that's in the trailer is called 'Clap Ya Hands Now' and it was produced by myself and my friend K+Lab who's from New Zealand," said Tyler Martens, AKA Stickybuds. "A few weeks ago, my manager and I got an email from one of the heads of Sony's Music and Legal division saying that they would like to use our song in an upcoming trailer for Spider Man Homecoming.

"We were obviously ecstatic."

The trailer has over two million plays online.

"Caleb (K+Lab) and I have both been over the moon getting recognized like this and having one of the biggest movie companies use our song for one of the most well known franchises on the planet," Martens said. "We don't really know exactly how they found our song, but I heard through the grapevine that someone in the production department found it, probably on my Soundcloud, and now here we are."

The track has done really well on Beatport, the main website for DJ's to buy music to play. It's been number one in the Glitch Hop genre for 18 weeks.

To listen to the full track click here.

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