Torched SUV sparked fire

The burned-out getaway SUV left near Commonage Road in Lake Country by the gunmen who killed Jonathan Bacon sparked a small wildfire in the dry, mid-August grass. 

The murder trial of Jujhar Khun-Khun, Jason McBride and Michael Jones continued this week with dozens of pictures of the torched Ford Explorer shown in court.  

The accused are facing first-degree murder and attempted murder charges for the 2011 midday shooting outside the Delta Grand that left Bacon dead and several others injured.

Witnesses have testified about masked gunmen who jumped out of an SUV in the driveway of the hotel and fired dozens of shots into a white Porsche Cayenne, sending crowds of people running for safety.

As the Porsche came to a stop against the hotel wall, Bacon slumped out of the passenger door onto the lawn. One of the shooters walked up, and shot him again at point-blank range.

Christina Conquergood and her sister Ingrid Merkus, witnessed the Ford Explorer barreling down Cawston Avenue towards them, slowing at Ellis, and carrying on eastbound.

A burned-out vehicle matching its description was found in Lake Country, about 50 metres off Commonage Road, later that day. The torched SUV sparked a grass fire.

Additionally, the day after the shooting, a resident on the 12800 block of Carrs Landing Road found several articles of black clothing dumped in his recycling bin, including hoodies, a jacket and a hat believed to have been worn by the shooters. 

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