Free bike park at Big White

Big White Resort has announced the opening of a pump track and skills course this summer, to accompany the launch of their new bike park.

The pump track and skills course will be free to access and located in the heart of the Village, across from the Village Centre Mall. With construction currently underway, the pump track is set to be open from June 23. 

“The infinite flow design of the track will allow riders to choose their own path,” says Theodore Van Orman, Trail Design Lead of Alpine Bike Parks, the company managing the build.

“We’re building a track that will attract everyone, from the beginner to the expert.” 

Set up with a series of rollers and berms, the pump track is designed to help bikers practice looking ahead, working the terrain and improve cornering. More experienced riders can find their rhythm, push their speed and challenge their friends. The track is also suitable for kids looking to find their balance on two wheels and build their skills. 

“If you’re new to mountain biking, this is a great way to find your balance and gain confidence before venturing into the bike park,” says Kris Hawryluik, Bike Park Manager at Big White Resort. “But the real beauty of a pump track is that it can be as easy or as difficult as you make it.”

Families coming up to spend the weekend at Big White can now enjoy the village pump track all season long, as well as with scenic chairlift rides, hiking and events in the Village.

Big White’s on-mountain downhill bike park, set to open August 4, will be open from Friday to Sunday. Bike passes for the bike park will go on sale June 23.

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