Rising higher every day

Another day and another rising of the lake.

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations says Okanagan Lake rose another 2.8 centimetres since Friday morning, bringing the level to 343.22 metres above sea level.

This is just 3 cm below the Emergency Operation's previous high-water estimate, which was 25 cm above the first high-water estimate of 343 metres above sea level.

“It's definitely a bit of a moving target right now,” said Kirsten Jones, information officer with the Emergency Operations Centre. “At 343.22 we are approaching our prediction level, but we realize that that's probably something we're going to reach, and perhaps go over.”

Jones says the snowpack that feeds Mission Creek is still sitting at 50 per cent.

“It'll melt and it has to go somewhere,” Jones said.

While the flow through Mission Creek ranged from 65 to 85 cubic metres per second Friday, it has slowed slightly today, sitting now at 48 to 60 cubic metres per second.

Jones said there is no significant weather events in the forecast, but warm temperatures will continue to bring the lake level higher.

In a video posted online Friday, Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran urged residents to keep their boats off the lake this weekend, as boat wake could cause damage to residences and city infrastructure.  

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