More lake protection

Crews were bolstering protection measures between Lakeshore Bridge and the mouth of Mission Creek Sunday as the lake level increased by one centimetre overnight to 343.06 metres.

The flows in Mission Creek are expected to increase significantly over the next few days with the forecasted hot weather.

Residents living along Mission Creek, especially those closer to the lake, are urged to reinforce the flood protection around their properties, due to increasing lake levels and potential for back water effect, said a bulletin from the Emergency Operations Centre.

People are being reminded to leave flood protection measures in place and bolster them in preparation for high water and possible windy conditions. High lake levels and variable weather conditions are expected to persist for the foreseeable future.

They are also asked to stay off the bladder dams, gabion cages and sandbags deployed along beaches and creeks.

Evacuation Alerts remain in place for a number of properties:

North end of Westside Road

  • 9515 Hodges Road
  • 9425 Hodges Road
  • 9435 Hodges Road
  • 9445 Hodges Road
  • 9467 Kilkenny Place

West Kelowna

  • 1302 to 1454 Green Bay Road
  • 3660 to 3697 Green Bay Landing
  • 3575 to 3636 Wiig Road

Westbank First Nation IR#10

  • Waterfront lots from the W.R. Bennett Bridge north to Old Ferry Wharf Road
  • Several lakefront cabins on Lindley Road

Original story 10:19 a.m.

Okanagan Lake climbed another centimetre overnight to 343.06 metres – as water from creeks and streams continued to pour in, according to Tom Wilson, information officer with the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre.

"So far so good," said Wilson when asked about the slower increase in water levels over the last couple of days along the shoreline. "But if we get two or three days in a row of this sun then Mission Creek flows are going to start climbing."

There is concern there will be an increase in the creek's flow starting tomorrow and that it will last for several days, Wilson said.

"We could see some peak flows last several days."

Residents with property along the lake and along Mission Creek have been urged to sandbag and take other measures for protection against the rising water.

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