'Middle of a nightmare'

Alanna Kelly

Kelowna residents are working quickly to restore their homes after a flood caused many people to evacuate.

“It still feels like I am in the middle of a nightmare I can’t wake up from,” said Kris Stewart.

Many people living beside Mill Creek said this isn't the first time, or the last, a flood will happen.

“It came in so fast and furious that I don't think we all had time to think. You go to bed at night and you wake up in the morning and you are flooded,” said a resident on Ethel Street.

Every home on Burne Avenue was impacted by the flooding, according to Sharon, a resident on Ethel Street. Homes started getting rushed with water after a thunderstorm on Thursday night.

Many of the neighbours came together to help each other by filling sandbags, trying to stop water from going into their properties.

Central Okanagan Emergency Operations said water levels have dropped but many evacuation alerts and orders remain in place, along with the local states of emergency for Kelowna, West Kelowna and Fintry Delta.

Sharon said she is expecting another flood to come.

“Someone let us know there is only two inches till the water reaches the bridge. Everyone is just cleaning up,” she said. “We have no protection here, anymore.”

Just last week, Sharon was concerned about the rising water from Mill Creek but said no one was able to help.

Water levels have been receding through the affected areas, but more rain is expected in just a few days.

“I think I’ll be OK, but I am going to hang onto my sump pumps,” said Stewart.

Stewart added that she would like more information from the Ministry of Environment and would like to know the steps they have taken to prevent this. She experienced the flood in 2012 and said the only thing that changed this year was that the City of Kelowna put sand and bags on residential streets.

“I think there should be some navel gazing after this flood by the city,” said Stewart.

“Surely there has to be some other things that can be done so the people along the flood plains aren’t worrying every year.”

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