Candidate Chuck Hardy

Castanet News wants you to give you an opportunity to meet each of the candidates running in Central Okanagan ridings during the 2017 provincial election. Each candidate in Kelowna-Lake Country, Kelowna-Mission and Kelowna West was given an opportunity to provide a bio outlining who they are.

Chuck Hardy: BC Conservatives, Kelowna-Mission

As a BC Conservative candidate I believe in the principle of equality for all British Columbians. No one is entitled to special privileges. We desperately need public programs that are affordable for everyone and we need to finally be accountable to our people and we need to represent them effectively. There needs to be transparency in all that we undertake as well.

I support the agenda of the BC Conservatives in their quest to remove parking lot management from the health authority. We need free parking at our hospitals for the sick and the elderly who can neither afford the atrocious parking fees that are being charged nor can they manage the distances they have to walk in order to access their needed services.

All crown corporations must stop giving themselves bonuses! Also, no more taxes built upon other taxes. Scrap the carbon tax! We need to fix all the highways. The ruts must be fixed! Responsible resource management jobs are good for BC!

I am strongly committed as well as having local roots. I was born and raised here in Kelowna and still reside in my riding. I come from a background in which relationship-building is key.

My purpose in life has been to always focus on ‘being of service to others’ and that will continue to be the cornerstone of my work as a member of the Legislative Assembly if the citizens of the Kelowna area were to elect me on May 9.

I promise to be easily accessible to everyone. Call me at: 250-762-9001 or email at: [email protected]

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