Story behind pink shirts

The creator of Pink Shirt Day, an international day for anti-bullying, came for a visit to Kelowna.

Travis Price visited George Elliot Secondary and Rutland Senior Secondary to talk about his experience being bullied and being the "weird kid" all through high school.

"Travis Price was a wonderful and enthusiastic speaker that had a such a unique story to share,” said Nolan Koblischke, Grade 10, GESS Kindness Crew member.

Price explained that his parents told him some interesting ways to deal with bullies, including giving them hugs.

He told Grade 6 and 7 students he was bullied repeatedly in Coldbrook, N.S., and one beating even put him in hospital with a broken ankle and ribs.

The anti-bullying day started in 2007 when Price and friend David Shepherd saw a new student bullied for wearing a pink shirt. The next day, Price convinced fellow students to wear pink shirts in support.

“His personality and passion to spread his message about anti-bullying really showed during his speech,” Koblischke said. “Every student seemed to be affected by his story, and we all really enjoyed him being here to tell us about it."

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