Homeless battle cold

Many people shiver and complain going from their warm home to their car in the morning. 

But, what about the homeless, who have nowhere to go to escape the frigid temperatures?

The Homeless Hub recently researched how many people call the streets of Kelowna home.

In 2016, they came out with a study that determined 279 individuals are estimated to be living on the streets, and 164 are living in homeless shelters. 

During this cold snap, Kelowna's Gospel Mission is open all hours of the day to make sure the homeless keep warm.

Executive director Randy Benson says "It's extremely important to have the right clothing, including proper hats and gloves to make sure frostbite is prevented." 

The Mission opens 24 hours a day once temperatures dip below zero. 

If you would like to donate clothing or donate, you can stop by the Mission or call 250-763-3737.

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