Nooks nails Dragon time

A Kelowna couple will be appearing on Canadian television later this month — thanks to their savvy business skills.

Louis-Philippe Lavoie and his wife, Ruthy Penner, were invited to appear on Dragon’s Den, a popular CBC show, last May to try their hand at launching the family company Nooks Design.

Just this week they found out they made the cut and will premier on the show Nov. 30.

While they can’t say much about what happened, they are both excited to have had the opportunity to appear before the Dragons. 

Lavoie is hoping local residents will tune in and support their homemade business that uses upcycled material for children’s clothes.

Nooks, named after their oldest daughter Anouk, are shoes and clothing for children made out of pre-loved items.

Their business spawned out of a trip to the thrift store three-years-ago to buy shoes for their new baby.

Penner is a former seamstress who used repurposed items from the thrift store to make shoes and clothes for her children.

Now the company has nine seamstress and a growing client base thanks to Etsy and other local Canadian stores.

Back in May Louis-Philippe said they are looking for a Dragon who can help them locate material and distribute the product.

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