Cyclist injured on Lakeshore

A crash involving a sedan and a bicycle sent a cyclist to hospital Sunday afternoon.

Captain Jarret Dais with the Kelowna Fire Department said emergency crews received a call at 1:16 p.m. to the collision at 3100 block of Lakeshore Drive.

Dais couldn't say whether the bike hit the car, or vice versa, but said that it appeared that the cyclist made contact with the car just behind the front passenger-side wheel and went over the hood of the car.

The cyclist went to hospital with gashes on his leg, and one witness said it looked like his leg could have been broken.

Aside from gashes on the cyclist's leg, Dais couldn't confirm the injuries, and said he didn't hear complaints of leg pain from the cyclist.

The witness said the car was driven by an elderly woman as she turned left into a mall parking lot.

The witness said there was a "big boom sound," followed by the man calling for help, and added that people called 911 while the man laid on the ground.

The man was believed to be suffering non-serious injuries. The driver was also transported to hospital.

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