Rentals vary across town

A local property manager has taken a detailed look at the rental market in Kelowna and has found renting may be more expensive in the city than previously thought.

A recent Pad Mapper report found Kelowna is the eleventh most expensive city to rent in, with a median one-bedroom unit renting for $900 per month and a two-bedroom going for $1,360.

James McCullough found that Pad Mapper had used a small set of rental units when gathering its data, so he went through Castanet rental ads between the end of March through until mid-June and found his own data.

Using 44 one-bedroom and 100 two-bedroom rentals, McCullough found the average one-bedroom rental rate in the city to be $1,198 per month with an average two-bedroom going for $1,556 per month.

McCullough included West Kelowna rental rates in his averages, but didn't include the area around UBC Okanagan, as rates tend to be much higher there which could skew the data.

Additionally, he crunched the numbers on home rentals in town too, finding the average home rental rate per bedroom is $682 per month.

Breaking the data down further, demand is highest in the Mission area of town, and rental rates reflect that.

The average one-bedroom unit goes for $1,387 per month, while two-bedrooms go for $1,548 per month.

On the other end of the scale, Rutland is the most affordable place to rent in town, with the average one-bedroom unit going for $1,004 per month and the average two-bedroom going for $1,258.

“While not perfect, the numbers above give a more accurate description of what is occurring in the Kelowna rental marketplace,” wrote McCullough.

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