Final civic block plan

Kelowna city council will get a look at the final vision for the downtown area known as the civic precinct.

The area encompasses the section of downtown currently under heavy redevelopment. At the present time, construction in the area includes two parkades, the new Interior Health building and the Innovation Centre.

It also includes the site of the soon-to-be-vacant RCMP detachment on Doyle Avenue.

That site, according to the final plan, will kick start development around the civic precinct.

"That really is a significant opportunity to begin to deliver on the goals of the plan, for development and design in the area," said planner Ross Soward.

"There's also an opportunity to leverage that development as a way to accelerate some of the goals around improvements in the plan area as well. It's a long-term plan and we do know there are some projects that are likely to come up in the next couple of years."

He said it's an exciting opportunity to see the plan move from plan to action.

The plan, said Soward, builds on an endorsement and vision provided by council back in November.

"It builds upon that but, obviously, there's much more detail provided because we needed to have more than just a concept and a presentation.

"We needed a more robust plan we could use to then form policy and things like that."

Soward said the plan combines both the need to bring people into the area along with amenities to serve those people.

"We're bringing in more people and activity to the area but, at the same time we're introducing more public space and amenities that will serve the growing downtown workforce and downtown population," said Soward.

"I think that's kind of the key part in delivering on the vision that was identified in the Downtown Plan in terms of making this area a people friendly area that's going to have a lot of activity and vibrancy."

Some of the uses within the detailed plan include:

  • RCMP building - Mixed-use to include both public civic and residential use. One civic use could be a 6,000 sq.ft. community centre
  • Memorial Arena - Possible multi-level parking structure
  • Community Theatre - Possible home to a new Performing Arts Centre
  • Art Walk - Extending south to Doyle and Queensway Avenue and upgraded north to Water and Clement
  • Civic Plaza - A new Civic Plaza where Smith Avenue intersects with the extended Art Walk.

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