Students Cut for a Cure

It’s been eight months since Lucas Isola had a hair cut, and what better reason to shave it all off than for good cause.

Isola is one of many students who ‘Cut for a Cure’ at UBC Okanagan on Thursday; the event raises money and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“I saw this last year and I wanted to grow out my hair and I thought there be no better way to do it,” he says.

Sharissa Kanten cut nearly ten inches of her hair off for the cause, and it was the second time she had done so. The resident assistant at UBCO, grew her hair for two years after she cut it all off at the first ‘Cut for a Cure’ held back in 2013.

“I have had various family and friends in the past who have gone through cancer and lost their hair and it’s just my way of showing my support."

The fundraiser is organized independently by students, and besides shaving heads, people can throw pies in their RA’s face, or wrestle on a giant bouncy pad.

Tessa Dirksen with the Canadian Cancer Society says the event is some what unique to UBC Okanagan, however shaving your head for cancer is a popular way to raise awareness.

“A lot of people that go through cancer treatment go through chemo therapy and they do lose their hair, so it’s a real symbol, a very visible symbol of support to cut your hair."

Plan B Headquarters volunteers to shave and trim at the event and they bring along their travel hair studio to set the scene.

General Manager for Plan B, Tim Davenport, laughs that it’s fun to shave people’s heads but says it is also inspiring to be a part of the process.

“If only for a brief moment for people donating their hair, because it gives them a glimpse into what it’s like for a cancer patient whose losing their hair due to cancer treatments,” says Davenport. “Luckily for these guys donating their hair they get to do it the easy way so I think that is one of the great things about this cause."

Last year cut for a cure raised $7,000 and just under 80 students trimmed their tresses in the name of cancer.

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