Another Murder Charge

CHBC News has learned that a fourth person has been charged in connection with last week's murder of a Kelowna man. Jody Elliott's remains were found in a wooded area on Kelowna's Westside. So far, three men have been charged in connection with the 26-year-old Kelowna man's death.

Grant Fralic, Robert Juker and Ramoncito Viejon have been charged with first degree murder. They made their first court appearance Friday.

They were arrested in a car at the intersection of Bear Creek Rd. and Westside Rd early Thursday morning. Media reports say their vehicle contained shovels and one of the accused was in possession of an ear.

CHBC News reports that Daniel James Madder has also been charged with first degree murder. He's from Kelowna.

CHBC has also learned some details dealing with the murder including that Elliott was shot once in the head and that he was beaten to death after regaining consciousness. Elliott's body was dismembered and dumped down an embankment off Bald Range Rd. on Kelowna's Westside.

Meanwhile, friends who knew Elliott say he wasn't all bad.

Elliott had an extensive criminal record for a wide range of crimes -- especially drugs.

According to a couple that knew him, Elliott had a fond affection for his mother and was trying to kick his heroin addiction.

"He loved his mother," say George and Sandra who got to know Elliott as they battled with their drug addictions.

"He stayed at our place for a week and he was a nice guy. He was very close to his mom who is also a drug addict."

George and Sandra say they last saw Elliott in downtown Kelowna last June and that word on the street was his murder was designed to send a message to Kelowna's drug culture.

"I think he was getting into other people's playground," says George suggesting Elliott was dealing drugs on someone else's turf.

George and Sandra say Elliott was a low level drug dealer who would often rip-off his clients.

“Now the word on the street is watch who you’re dealing with.”

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