Kamloops vintage car club shows off local history during Easter drive and car show

Car show displays history

Nearly 100 vintage vehicles could be seen making their way to Riverside Park Sunday afternoon as the Kamloops chapter of the Vintage Car Club of Canada held its annual Easter drive and car show.

The club saw about 94 cars register for the annual event. McArthur Island was used as a staging ground, with the group eventually departing for Riverside Park where attendees perused the collection of vintage vehicles.

“Anything that's over 25 years is kind of defined as a collectible now,” said organizer Rich Vandermay.

“You may get a vehicle here that looks like it should be a daily driver or always on the road, but we still have the Model A's and Model T's and that’s what appeals to me.”

Club members have worked to restore various historic vehicles, including a 1937 Ford fire truck, a 1928 Dodge and a 1911 McLaughlin-Buick — the owner of which said it was the first vehicle in Ashcroft.

“I found it in a workshop. Someone [was] restoring it to sell it at Barrett-Jackson, and I didn't want it to go to Arizona so I purchased it,” said Jerry Wallin, the McLaughlin-Buick’s owner.

He said the vehicle was priced at $1,500 when it was originally purchased in 1911. The original owners had to pay extra for the doors and roof.

“It's events like this that really bring the people out and everybody likes to show their cars, and it's nice to talk to the people,” Wallin said.

Vandermay said the Vintage Car Club has been around for 50 years, but now that some of their members are getting older, they’re looking to get younger people involved.

“The average generation or age gap is getting a little bit older with the Vintage Car Club, and we're trying to get the next generation certainly interested in old cars,” Vandermay said.

He said the drive and car show marks the time of year when many of the club's members bring out their vintage vehicles for the season — as long as the weather holds.

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