City of Kamloops launches new book recycling program

Drop off books for recycling

The City of Kamloops has launched a new book recycling program, providing two spots where residents can drop off old reading material and textbooks — items that aren’t accepted in curbside bins.

The city announced the new program in a news release on Friday. Megan Graham, solid waste services analyst, said the city is “thrilled” to be launching the program.

“We expect this will keep more books out of the garbage and recycling blue bins — where they do not belong — and help residents properly recycle these materials by providing convenient sites in the community for book recycling drop off,” she said.

Hard and soft cover books, textbooks and reference materials can be dropped off in a yellow cart set up in the main lobby of the Tournament Capital Centre, located at 910 McGill Rd.

Residents can also bring their old books to a library attendant in the North Kamloops Library at 693 Tranquille Rd.

Book recycling carts set up at those locations will be picked up each month.

Graham told Castanet Kamloops the city has partnered with Planet Earth Recycling, an Okanagan-based company specializing in book recycling.

Each month, the company will pick up books dropped off at the Kamloops locations and will take them back to their warehouse to sort through them.

“Any books they deem are still in good condition they will first try and sell or donate those ones. And any of the remaining books, they will process them through their book cutter,” Graham said.

“A machine will cut off the spine, and that way, the pages can be properly separated and recycled.”

Graham noted hard and soft cover books aren’t accepted by Recycle BC as those types of books are durable goods, not product packaging or residential paper. Books also often contain glue, which contaminates the recycling stream.

Some reading materials, like comic books, magazines and phone books, are accepted in recycling carts.

Graham said the program is free for residents, and estimated the cost to the city would be about $25 per bin, depending on some factors like the number of pickups.

She noted Planet Earth Recycling is also offering this service in Penticton and Kelowna to “great success.”

“We’re hoping to be well received by our community as well,” she said.

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