Environment Canada calls for damp conditions, overcast skies as fall season begin

Damp, overcast week

Madison Reeve

The forecast is calling for a damp week of showers and overcast skies in Kamloops as the region transitions to the fall season, according to Environment Canada.

Fast-moving winds are expected early on this week, and temperatures are predicted to remain consistent with seasonal averages.

Monday is expected to see cloudy skies with a 30 per cent chance of showers and a daytime high of 20 C. Easterly winds gusting up to 50 km/h are also predicted for the day. Monday night will see a 70 per cent chance of showers with a dip in temperatures to a low of 10 C.

Tuesday will see a mix of sun and cloud as temperatures once again reach a high of 20 C. Cloudy periods are expected overnight with a low of 6 C.

Wednesday will see periods of both sun and cloud, with a high of 18 C during the day. Clear skies are predicted overnight as temperatures drop to a low of 8 C.

A 60 per cent chance of showers is predicted on Thursday as temperatures reach a daytime of 17 C. Cloudy periods will remain overnight with a low of 8 C expected.

Friday will return to a mix of sun and cloud with temperatures peaking at 17 C throughout the day. Cloudy periods are expected Friday night with temperatures dropping to 8 C.

A mix of sun and cloud will continue into the weekend with daytime highs forecast to remain around 17 C.

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