Drag protester denies wrongdoing in alleged assault, claims wide-ranging conspiracy

Drag protester denies assault

A woman under investigation for assault following a scuffle outside a Drag Storytime event last weekend says she believes she is fighting “a spiritual battle between good and evil.”

Roxanne Engli was one of about 15 protesters who set up on Saturday outside the North Kamloops public library, where a Drag Storytime event was taking place. The group was met by 10 to 12 counter protesters, and a number of minor physical altercations took place.

According to police, one of the “anti-Pride” protesters was arrested for trespassing in the library and an altercation that took place outside is now the subject of an RCMP assault probe.

Engli, 64, contacted Castanet Kamloops and identified herself as the woman involved in the altercation. She said she wanted to offer her side of the story after an article published on Tuesday recounted the incident from the perspective of a counter protester.

Engli denied any assault and said she was only trying to protect herself and her sign, which read “Leave our kids alone.”

“I was peacefully holding a sign and the young girl who is now trying to charge me with assault approached me and started screaming in my face,” the retired nurse told Castanet Kamloops.

“I asked her to back off and give me some space and she didn’t. She was a foot within my space, screaming and spitting at me.”

Engli said she “gently lifted” her sign to create separation, when the young counter protester tried to rip it out of her hands.

“After that I simply tried to get my poster back,” she said. “And at that point I asked somebody to call the RCMP because it was getting violent.”

Engli referred to her fellow protesters as peaceful, but admitted they were yelling at parents walking kids into the library.

“Yeah, we were saying, ‘Don’t take your children in there — don’t do it,’” she said. "'Children shouldn't be exposed to transvestites,' stuff like that."

Engli said she doesn’t want to see sexuality “rammed down the throats” of children.

“It’s simply about leaving the children alone,” she said. “You didn’t see us at the Pride Parade. I mean, that’s fine.”

The protest mirrored others outside Drag Storytime events in cities across North America in recent months, including incidents in Kelowna and Calgary. Trans people, in particular, have been targeted by conspiracy-minded protesters and some U.S. lawmakers.

Engli said she thinks the trans movement is “a fad,” and she believes it’s part of a wide-ranging plot by the World Economic Forum to drastically reduce the world’s population.

“I believe that more and more every day that we’re battling a spiritual battle between good and evil,” she said.

“And that becomes more and more obvious every single day.”

Engli also said she doesn’t believe COVID-19 is real and she thinks 5G networks are giving people “electromagnetic poisoning.”

According to Engli, the plot also includes chem trails and sci-fi movies, specifically The Matrix.

“They’re telling us what they’re going to do to us,” she said.

“I didn’t believe it at first, either, but I dug very, very deep on this.”

The investigation into the alleged assault is ongoing.

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