TRU renews international partnership with Chinese university for nine more years

TRU extends China deal

Thompson Rivers University has renewed its international partnership with China's Tianjin University of Technology for another nine years, allowing for continued opportunities to study abroad and joint research endeavours.

The partnership renewal came after TRU delegates travelled this spring to Tianjin, China, to attend TUT’s convocation for the first time since 2019.

The 79 students who graduated from TUT’s School of Management and TRU’s Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics received a dual degree from both institutions, after being taught in both Chinese and English with the support of TUT and TRU faculty.

"Our 21-year partnership stands as a testament to the power of transnational partnerships, showcasing how they can be creatively nurtured and developed,” said Baihua Chadwick, TRU’s vice-president international.

“It is truly remarkable that many of TRU's and TUT's dedicated faculty and staff members, who have been with us since the inception of this collaboration, continue to contribute to its success.”

TRU faculty have taught 168 courses in Tianjin since 2003, with approximately eight faculty members sent to China annually.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes were delivered synchronously over Zoom and Moodle to bridge the 15-hour time difference between the two universities.

In a release, TRU said the renewed partnership “continues access to TRU's BBA program and faculty, offers reciprocal study abroad opportunities for TUT and TRU students, supports joint research endeavours and facilitates TRU faculty's teaching engagements at TUT.”

TRU said the 21-year partnership between TRU and TUT has been “a foundational element” of TRU’s 40-year international education and leadership legacy.

Faculty members from TRU are set to return to TUT’s campus in Tianjin in December.

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