City's only vegan food truck returns to Kamloops farmers' market

Vegan truck back at market

The Tournament Capital's one and only vegan food truck is returning to the farmer’s market on Wednesdays, hoping to provide people with better meat-free options.

Veggie Bomb is a food truck that has been prominent in the seasonal farmer’s market since 2021. The menu is fully vegan, with items like jackfruit and black bean tacos.

Govinda Clayton, owner of Veggie Bomb, said the business originally started in Ashcroft in 2018, and was later invited to Los Angeles for music festivals.

He said that the vegetable season starts in April in the U.S., while in Canada it does not start until June. He said that, along with large demand for vegan options, makes it easier to operate Veggie Bomb in L.A.

When COVID-19 hit, Clayton and his brother decided to focus on the California food truck.

Once the pandemic calmed down, Clayton returned to Canada and started Veggie Bomb again in Kamloops.

He said that the reason for coming to Kamloops is that it was closest to where he gets his groceries for the truck.

Once establishing himself in Kamloops, he was invited to Bass Coast and Rock N’ River in Merritt, where he gained even more exposure.

Clayton now runs the Veggie Bomb food truck and a stall in Yew Street Food Hall, while his brother runs Veggie Bomb out of Los Angeles.

“I don't think veganism is gonna save the world or anything — we make good, honest food,” he said.

Clayton said he hopes to provide the people of Kamloops with food that they can feel good about while supporting local.

Veggie Bomb will be at the farmer's market every Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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