Lucid Motors offers test drive event for luxury EV in Tobiano

Luxury EV in Tobiano

The luxury electric vehicle Lucid Air has received accolades for its long range and fast charging, and on Saturday, several people took the opportunity to take the car for a test drive at an event in Tobiano.

The test drive event was held at the Tobiano clubhouse, and organizers said there was a great turnout, with the driving slots fully booked.

“It’s something I’ve been looking to, looking for an EV eventually,” said Rob Roy, who took the Air on a 15 minute test drive.

“Very smooth, clean, the whole electric braking system and acceleration is very neat. I'm also environmentally conscious, so whatever help happens there, that's part of it.”

According to Lucid Motors, the Air is the longest ranging, fastest charging EV on the market, with up to an 830 kilometre range and a charge time of 350 kilometres in fifteen minutes.

Vlad Bello-Cohen, who was helping to run the event, said the purpose of the Californa-based brand was to fill a void.

“There really wasn't a luxury EV when the Lucid Air was launched,” Bello-Cohen said.

“This one will have massaging front seats, a 21 speaker sound system, capabilities for level three semi-autonomous driving, rear sunshades. 14 cameras, 18 sensors, auto park.”

He said the 800-horsepower vehicle goes from zero to 100 in about three seconds. Lucid’s performance model, the Air Sapphire, has over 1,200 horsepower.

“We were very focused on the production quality, so that when you're leaving your Mercedes or your Porsche and you come into a Lucid Air, you don't feel like you're sacrificing anything.”

The luxury design drew interest, but some were also driven to try it out as they were interested in a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

“The reason you go to an electric vehicle is because you are concerned about your part in environmental issues. So that was the first thing that piqued our interest,” said Rose Roy.

“When we found out they are the best — is what we've been told — producer and vehicle when it comes to your battery, and the battery life that's incorporated in that vehicle, that technology is there.”

Those who came out for a test drive said they found the vehicle was comfortable, with plenty of features and good drivability.

Greg Pocock, who owns a Tesla Model S and Model 3, took the Air for a test drive, noting it’s difficult to compare the EV's.

“The Model S is the equivalent Tesla. This car is heavier and has longer wheelbase, but I think it does a pretty good job performance-wise and maneuverability. So I think they've got something here,” he said.

“We’ve really gotten used to what's called regenerative braking — where you don't have to use the brake pedal. The regenerative braking on the Lucid Air was much more effective than the Tesla. I thought that was great.”

Test drive events are taking place in other cities, and Lucid may be back out to Kamloops this summer to give residents another chance to try out the Air.

The Air starts at $121,500 CAD fo for the Pure model, going up in price to $212,500 CAD for the Grand Touring trim.

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