Jury hearing trial of Kamloops man accused of choking, raping woman he met at party

Jury hearing rape trial

A Kamloops man accused of choking and raping a woman he met at a social gathering two years ago is standing trial this week in front of a B.C. Supreme Court jury.

The 26-year-old man cannot be named under a court-ordered publication ban put in place to protect the identity of the complainant. He is charged with one count each of sexual assault and choking to overcome resistance.

He is accused of raping a woman he met at a friend’s house.

In her opening to the jury, Crown prosecutor Alexandra Janse said the complainant woke up in the early-morning hours of April 10, 2021, to find the accused raping her. She said the two met for the first time the previous evening.

“She elbowed him and broke his glasses,” she said.

“The accused placed his hands on her throat during the sexual assault and also put his arm around her neck, choking her.”

Defence lawyer Sheldon Tate also addressed jurors at the start of the trial. He described the case as a he-said, she-said and told the jury his client will testify.

Tate said the issue will be consent.

“His identity is not disputed and the fact that there was sexual activity is not disputed,” he said.

“The issue is whether there was consent before that sexual intercourse took place — that’s your task and that’s the fact-finding job you have in this trial.”

The trial is expected to conclude early next week.

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