Man taken for ride on semi truck's bumper in bizarre Coquihalla road rage incident

Man on front of semi truck

Police are investigating a bizarre case of road rage on the Coquihalla south of Kamloops on Thursday in which a semi truck drove down the highway with a man hanging off its front bumper.

Mounties confirmed they were called to a report of a road rage confrontation that started at the Inks Lake brake check on Highway 5 just after 1 p.m.

Kamloops-based trucker John Hiscock caught what happened next on his dash cam. He sent the video to Castanet and said he’s never seen anything like it.

“I was coming down from Inks Lake brake check, and about a third of the way down the hill there’s a truck doing 30 or 35 km/h,” he said.

“I pulled over to go past him and all of a sudden you see a face and an arm come up from the front of the truck.”

A man can clearly be seen in the video hanging off the bull bar, waving at Hiscock as he drove by.

“And shortly after I passed them I looked back in the mirror again and there was an unmarked police car going up after them, followed by an ambulance,” Hiscock said.

BC Highway Patrol Const. James Ward said the incident is still under investigation.

“I don’t know what the road rager was driving, but I know the semi truck pulled into the brake check and the road rager confronted him,” Ward told Castanet.

“So he drove away and the road rager jumped onto his front bumper.”

Ward said police showed up and separated the two parties.

“The person that was on the bumper was really, really cold and they warmed him up for a bit,” he said.

“They’re still looking into it.”

Hiscock said the man on the bumper was understandably the subject of quite a bit of radio chatter on Thursday afternoon.

“There was a bunch of people on the radio right away and there was a lot of speculation about what happened,” he said.

“Nobody could figure out what the hell was happening. They just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

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