Two high-end mountain bikes recovered, being reunited with overseas owners

High-end bikes recovered

A high-end mountain bike stolen over the summer from a tourist visiting Kamloops is being shipped to New Zealand to be reunited with its owner, police say.

According to Mounties, four high-end bikes were stolen on Aug. 27 from the back of an RV parked on River Street. RCMP Cpl. Crystal Evelyn said the thefts took place while the owners slept inside.

The value of the four bikes was estimated at $30,000.

“At the time, there wasn’t much information for police to go on,” Evelyn said in a news release.

“Officers had distributed photos and serial numbers of the bikes, but there was no surveillance or suspect images available.”

Two of the stolen mountain bikes were recovered late in October — one found by a Mountie making patrols downtown on Oct. 22, and the other after a passerby reported a stolen bike in the Sahali Mall parking lot on Oct. 25.

“Two more of the bikes remain outstanding, but these two were turned over to a friend of the tourists to ship back home — at least one of which will be taking the long journey to New Zealand,” Evelyn said.

“This is a great example of the benefits in contacting police and reporting stolen items, even if it seems like their recovery may be a long shot.”

Evelyn said such reports can be made by phone at 250-828-3000 or online here.

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