The Mustard Seed Kamloops to operate extreme weather response shelter in North Shore church

Emergency shelter at church

The Mustard Seed Kamloops says it will be operating an extreme weather response shelter out of Kamloops Alliance Church, which will open on an emergency basis starting mid-December.

In a news release, The Mustard Seed said the 30-bed shelter will open its doors between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. when the mercury drops to -10 C or below, or if this temperature threshold is combined with an accumulation of 5 cm of snow.

The extreme weather response shelter, located on the North Shore at 200 Leigh Rd., will be ready to operate between Dec. 14 and Feb. 28.

Kelly Thomson, managing director of The Mustard Seed Kamloops, said the agency is “thrilled” to partner with Kamloops Alliance Church.

“It’s wonderful to see the faith community stepping in to help address the needs of those experiencing homelessness in our city in inclement weather,” Thomson said.

“With the support and funding of BC Housing, we are able to provide up to another 30 beds for those in need.”

Chris Throness, lead pastor at Kamloops Alliance Church, said the church wanted to join with community partners to care for the city’s vulnerable population

“Opening our doors for this emergency weather shelter is a practical step we can take, to share what we have been given with those who need it the most,” Throness said.

“It is a privilege to be able to play a part, and our desire is to continue to invest in the future health and vitality of Kamloops.”

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