Retired school teacher jailed for repeatedly driving while prohibited

Retiree sentenced to jail

A Kamloops retiree who admittedly didn’t know much about the consequences of driving while prohibited learned a “terrible lesson” last week, and now he’s in jail.

Randy John Villeneuve, 67, pleaded guilty in Kamloops provincial court on Thursday to two counts of driving while prohibited.

Court heard the retired school teacher was prohibited from driving when Mounties busted him behind the wheel of his Jeep Patriot twice in a two-month span — once on March 23 and again on May 24.

He recorded his first driving while prohibited conviction in February. In that instance, he was fined $500 and issued a 12-month driving ban.

Jail time is mandatory for subsequent convictions. Crown prosecutor Camille Cook sought a four-week jail sentence.

“Because they are two distinct incidents, we are seeking 14 days on each consecutively,” she said.

Defence lawyer Marcel Laflamme said Villeneuve is highly educated but has cognitive issues.

“He did not realize the consequences of what was going on,” Laflamme said.

“When we get older, some of us lose it. He is very slow right now. … You can understand that someone who has a master’s degree in education should not be in this courtroom, but that is the reality.”

Laflamme said Villeneuve has learned “a terrible lesson.”

“He was a productive member of society who fell by the wayside as he grew old,” he said.

Villeneuve apologized in court.

“Well, I made a big mistake,” he said.

“I understand now the consequences as I’m faced with them. But I really have no defence — I know I am guilty of these charges.”

Kamloops provincial court Judge Marianne Armstrong gave Villeneuve a break due to his “exceptional circumstances,” ordering his two 14-day sentences to run concurrently rather than consecutive.

“I’m going to consider them a bit of a spree,” she said.

“I know that they were separated by months, but because of your cognitive issues I am going to broaden the definition of spree for you.”

In addition to the jail time, Villeneuve was ordered to pay $1,150 in fines.

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