Kamloops council votes unanimously to adopt new North Shore Neighbourhood Plan

North Shore plan green lit

Kamloops council has unanimously adopted the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan, a document which will guide planning and land use management for the area over the next 20 years.

City staff have been working on the plan since 2020, carrying out numerous public engagement sessions and presentations to committees and council during a period of staff turnover.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, Eric Beach, the city’s planning manager, said the plan represents a “collective community vision” for the North Shore.

“This will lay the groundwork for further infill throughout the entire North Shore. It will also look at creating more dynamic pedestrian connections, bicycle connections, neighbourhood amenities as well as trying to activate our waterfronts,” Beach said.

The plan outlines distinct characters envisioned for each neighbourhood in the North Shore — including which types of housing density and commercial uses will be encouraged.

The plan also includes goals for active transportation network extensions and an outline of the city’s short to long term action items to help implement the plan.

Since the last presentation to council, staff said a couple of final changes were made to the plan, including a revised policy allowing more flexibility in future uses for Yew Park.

Development permit area guidelines were changed to encourage planter boxes as an option for greening rooftops, and to encourage the use of lighter-coloured materials on roofs to reduce heat absorption.

Other guidelines will ensure waterfront development integrates with existing adjacent street fronts.

According to the city, the plan will require the buy-in from private developers who wish to invest in the North Shore while active transportation networks and sidewalks are the responsibility of the city — unless a developer is handed the role of upgrading property frontage.

Mayor Ken Christian told Castanet Kamloops the city is already seeing a lot of interest from private developers in certain areas of the North Shore.

“We've had a lot of interest in the Tranquille corridor in particular. We've had a lot of interest in and around the corner of Tranquille and Eighth — where the Spirit of Halloween place is now — and redevelopment in there. We're also getting a fair bit of interest on the waterfront and the waterfront on the North Shore is really under-appreciated. So those are areas I think that are going to be that the early adaptors,” Christian said.

He said he believes it’s an exciting time for the North Shore, pointing to the turnout at BrewLoops last weekend and newer developments like Spirit Square and the Yew Street Food Hall.

“Those kinds of things are really creating a vibe on the North Shore, which I think is a reflection of a vision that this council had four or five years ago,” Christian said.

Council voted unanimously to adopt the North Shore neighbourhood plan.

The city said staff will now start implementing action items laid out in the plan, starting with amending the Official Community Plan and zoning bylaw to allow new infill housing opportunities on the North Shore.

The North Shore Neighbourhood Plan can be read in full via the City of Kamloops' Lets' Talk page.

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