City hires coordinator to focus on equity, diversity and inclusion

City hires equity coordinator

A new coordinator hired by the City of Kamloops will be responsible for developing an accessibility plan for the city and an equity, diversity and inclusion training program for staff.

In a news release, the City of Kamloops said it hired Tymmarah Mackie to fill its newly developed equity, diversity and inclusion coordinator role.

“It is critical that local government embrace these values to ensure all citizens have a voice and represent the diversity of Canadian communities,” said a statement from the city.

According to the city, Mackie has a decade of experience working on equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives with municipalities, institutions, businesses and community groups in Alberta.

She will serve an 18-month term with the City of Kamloops.

“I’m excited to be taking on this new position in Kamloops and look forward to showing everyone the benefits that will come from the work we will be doing,” Mackie said in a statement.

“Municipalities with a strong focus on equity, diversity and inclusion attract and retain quality staff, become better problem solvers, get more creative and innovative, and ultimately provide better services to their communities.”

The City of Kamloops said Mackie will oversee initiatives including the development of an accessibility plan.

Mackie will also partner with Thompson Rivers University, Indigenous groups and community organizations — including Kamloops Immigrant Services and Kamloops Pride — to develop an equity, diversity and inclusion training program for city leaders, managers and staff.

In terms of hiring and recruitment, Mackie will ensure employment with the City of Kamloops is accessible for employees with diverse backgrounds, and will ensure engagement platforms are inclusive and accessible.

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