City of Kamloops reminding residents of July 4 deadline for property tax payment

Tax deadline coming up

The City of Kamloops is reminding residents they have one more week to pay property taxes before a late penalty is applied.

In a statement, the city said property taxes are due on Monday, July 4, and a 10 per cent penalty for a late payment is applied on July 5.

According to the city, property tax notices for 2022 were sent out in May, letting property owners know what they owe.

Residents can pay property taxes in-person, online, by mail, or through one of the city’s drop boxes. A full list of payment locations can be found on the City of Kamloops website.

The city said July 4 is also the deadline for residents to apply through the provincial government for Home Owner Grants.

“Residents experiencing financial difficulties this year should note that HOG’s can be applied for without making a tax payment, which will reduce the tax balance owing,” the city said, adding that partial payments before the due date will also reduce the penalty incurred.

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