New Hillside Cemetery mausoleum considered by council for this year's budget

City needs additional crypts

City staff say Kamloops niches and crypts are at full capacity, and are asking council to consider adding the construction of a new mausoleum to this year’s budget.

In Tuesday’s committee of the whole meeting, Jen Fretz, the city’s civic operations director, presented mayor and councillors with the proposal. If approved, a new mausoleum would be added to Hillside Cemetery, located off Notre Dame Drive.

“Our existing mausoleums are fully subscribed and the need for the space continues,” Fretz said.

In a report written for council, staff said the city owns two mausoleums at Hillside Cemetery — the newest building was constructed in 1998 — and there is “significant demand” for more space.

“Due to the full capacity of the existing mausoleums, there are no additional niches and crypts available for Kamloops residents who seek a mausoleum internment option,” the report said.

“The community’s overall demographics and trends in internment options have changed considerably, which suggest demand for a new mausoleum.”

According to the report, staff estimate that the city will need an additional 1,736 niches and crypts in the next 30 years.

Fretz said the estimated cost to construct a new, 4,600 square foot facility would be about $6.1 million, but the anticipated revenue from the space is estimated to be $11 million.

In the report to council, staff suggest surplus funds generated through the sale of crypts could be allocated to a reserve account that will support future cemetery infrastructure management and operations.

Mayor and councillors heard business cases for 12 supplemental budget items at Tuesday’s committee of the whole meeting.

The public has the opportunity to provide feedback on all supplemental budget items throughout February and March, with a public budget meeting scheduled for March 10.

The committee of the whole will review supplemental items again at its meeting on April 5.

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