City says 96% of working municipal employees vaccinated

96% of city staff vaccinated

According to the City of Kamloops, about 96 per cent of city employees who are currently working have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Staff had to declare their vaccination status by Dec. 15, as per the city’s vaccine policy, which was announced in early November.

Colleen Quigley, the city’s human resources director, said in an email to Castanet Kamloops the total number of city staff can fluctuate depending on the season, but there are currently 750 employees.

Of that total, Quigley said 96 per cent — about 720 people — are vaccinated. According to Quigley, the remaining four per cent — about 30 people — are required to undergo regular rapid testing for COVID-19.

As per the policy, in addition to regular tests, unvaccinated staff will be required to complete an online educational program about the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

In a November interview, David Trawin, the city’s Chief Administrative Officer, said the city was looking at getting its own safety staff trained to administer rapid tests, but in the meantime, the city would be using a nurse to complete testing for unvaccinated employees.

Trawin said the personnel cost for the nurse was a “minor” charge and will come out of the city’s wellness and safety budget, and the rapid tests were secured free of charge from the provincial government.

“[It] basically still allows us to make sure that we have a safe work environment while we basically allow people to make a choice, their choice, on whether they want to test or not based upon their strong beliefs,” Trawin said.

According to the city’s policy, all employees hired after Oct. 31 must be fully vaccinated.

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