City of Merritt has updated the list of homes on evacuation order

Evac order list updated

The City of Merritt has released an updated list of homes on evacuation order.

Hundreds of properties remain uninhabitable due to structural damages or lack of city services.

"Every home who is in red on the map or on the list is on because they are missing of water supply, sewage supply, Fortis nature gas or BC Hydro. It could also mean that their home was assessed as being structurally unstable. if you hit any one of those five conditions that could get you on the list," Greg Lowis, head of the City of Merritt’s emergency operations centre, told Castanet.

"If for example somebody was on it because they didn't have Fortis, but then their appliances were inspected by a licensed contractor, Fortis would agree to reinstate them and if they come to us with the proof of that they can be removed off the list," Lowis added.

Having property within an evacuation order allows residents to access support from ESS, such as food and accommodation support.

Residents who upon inspection of their homes are concerned their residences are uninhabitable due to health and safety reasons are encouraged to reach out to the City of Merritt ESS located at the Resiliency Centre for support under an Extraordinary Evacuee Authorization.

The City of Merritt says the evacuation order will be updated on a regular basis as services are restored and health and safety issues related to homes are addressed.

Property owners are required to update the City of Merritt Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on a weekly basis as to the status of their homes, or they could be excluded from the evacuation order area.

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