TRU business school builds state-of-the-art lab for students to learn stock market trading

New trading lab at TRU

Thompson Rivers University's School of Business has a new trading lab, thanks to a $550,000 donation from Raymond James Ltd. and FactSet.

The Raymond James Trading Lab will allow students to simulate a real-life trading floor and apply their skills before they graduate.

“It's important in School of Business, we not only teach the what, but the how and teach the skills,” Mike Henry dean of TRU’s School of Business and Economics, said Thursday.

“This is really a game changer in terms of bridging our education to the investment world.”

Raymond James Ltd in collaboration with FactSet, a financial data and software company supplied the lab with equipment valued at $550,000.

Along with the five-year commitment of software services, the company agreed to provide training to students.

“Most importantly, the traders, the senior people at Raymond James, will be mentoring and working with our students so that they know exactly how decisions are made on the trading floor,” Henry said.

The idea for the lab was pitched by two TRU business students, Adam Burke and Jacob Lawrence, when they were in their first year of study.

“It’s been a long time coming to say the least, three years to be precise,” Burke said at the lab's opening on Thursday.

“Really it all started with an idea Jacob and I had.”

The two are graduating this year but said they hope future students will be able to benefit from the network and resources they set up at the school.

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