Many Kamloops-area MP hopefuls confident on eve of election day

Campaign trail winds down

As the campaign trail comes to an end, there is no shortage of confidence among those looking to represent the Kamloops area in Ottawa.

Monday is election day and many Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP hopefuls say they are feeling optimistic.

“Oh, I'm gonna win by a landslide — obviously,” independent candidate Bob O’Brien joked before offering his actual prediction: “I have absolutely no idea.”

Both the Liberals and the NDP believe they are the progressive alternative to the Conservatives — and both local candidates said they are feeling good as election day draws near.

“We're feeling pretty darn good in our campaign. We think it is a two way race here between us and the Conservatives,” the NDP's Bill Sundhu told Castanet Kamloops.

“It appears that I am the progressive alternative to change 20 years of Conservatives here.”

Corally Delwo, People’s Party of Canada candidate, said she hasn’t been paying too much attention to the polls — but she's hopeful for her chances.

“I’m hoping PPC get get some seats this year, because it would be would really be awesome for us,” she said, adding that her experience on the campaign trail gave her a new perspective.

“[It’s] really given me a lot of hope for the future.”

Liberal candidate Jesse McCormick said he thinks Justin Trudeau will remain Prime Minister for another term.

“I’m predicting that the Liberal government will be re-elected, and predicting lots of success for our campaign here in Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo,” McCormick said.

The only thing certain for Green Party candidate Iain Currie on election night is a good time.

“I’m making margaritas,” Currie said.

No matter the results of the election, Currie said, he feels good about what’s been accomplished in recent weeks.

“We're going to celebrate regardless of what happens. It's been a tough summer — a tough 18 months — and it's been a tough election campaign,” Currie said.

“Regardless of the outcome, if we just get two votes, my mother and I, we're going to be celebrating because we put our message out there.”

Conservative candidate Frank Caputo said he isn’t sure if there will be any results to celebrate on election night.

“We are hoping for a good result on election night," he said.

"We may not actually even have a result on election night because there are thousands of mail in ballots."

Independent candidate Wayne Allan said regardless of who wins, it will be another minority government.

“Hopefully it won't be a long minority government," he said.

"And, in that time, I will be able to prepare for the next election.”

All the candidates, with he exception of McCormick and Currie, said they plan to have a quiet night, watching the votes come in from home.

“I'm just going to be at home with my family and watch the results come in like everyone else from across the country,” Sundhu said.

O’Brien, who doesn't have TV or internet access at his place in Rayleigh, said he might need some help if things go his way.

“If I win, someone's going to have to call me and say, ‘Hey, you won,'” he said.

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