Grilled cheese competition planned for Aberdeen grocery store

Grill-off at Fresh St. Market

A Kamloops grocery store will be crowning the big cheese at a grill-off event on Saturday, where two competitors will serve up variations of grilled cheese sandwiches to the public.

Competitor Stu Smith said, for $5, visitors to Fresh Street Market will get one half of each type of sandwich, plus chips and a bottle of water.

Participants can vote for their favourite sandwich in-store or online.

Smith said he will be making a brie and fig variation, while his competition — Kristine Smith, Fresh Street Market deli manager — will be serving up a Greek-inspired creation using saganaki cheese and marinated, roasted vegetables.

Smith said despite having some negative reviews about the sandwich creation from his three kids, aged 10, eight and six, who are used to having traditional cheddar cheese sandwiches, he is feeling pretty good about his chances of winning.

“I think it was a bridge too far for kids, but my wife loved it, I liked it, so I am feeling pretty good about it,” Smith said.

Smith said this is the first time they will be putting on this type of event in Kamloops, but in past years at other store locations, they have held a full grilled cheese festival. Anywhere from five to eight teams, made up of local partners or community groups, would participate in the competition.

This year, a scaled-down version of the event was necessary due to COVID-19.

“We're really, really looking forward to getting into that next year. But for this year, this was a good way for us to kind of get back into it without the crazy crowds like we might normally have,” Smith said.

The sandwiches will be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday — while supplies last.

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