TNRD rescinds evacuation order for some properties, CRD lifts alert in other areas as cooler temperatures help crews attack Flat Lake wildfire

Flat Lake order rescinded

UPDATE: 12:25 p.m.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has downgraded an evacuation order for properties in the Gustafsen Lake and Neilson Lake areas to an evacuation alert.

A map of the area is available on the TNRD website.

While the evacuation order has been rescinded, these properties will remain under alert, and the TNRD said residents should be prepared to leave if it's deemed necessary.

ORIGINAL: 12:14 p.m.

A portion of an evacuation alert issued for the Flat Lake North area has been lifted by the Cariboo Regional District.

A map showing the boundaries of the lifted evacuation alert can be found on the CRD website.

The regional district said an evacuation alert may need to be reissued if it’s deemed necessary, and residents must be prepared if an alert is issued on short notice.

The CRD said residents are encouraged to register for the Cariboo Chilcotin Emergency Notification System to receive texts, calls or emails regarding evacuation alerts and orders.

The Flat Lake wildfire, which started about 27 kilometres southwest of 100 Mile House, is currently estimated at 62,895 hectares in size.

In an update on Sunday, the BC Wildfire Service said moisture and cooler temperatures are helping crews to directly attack the northeast corner of the fire.

“Crews will continue to use direct attack methods and work their way around the northeast corner and further up the north flank, mopping up to 100 feet from the fire’s edge,” the BC Wildfire Service said.

“On the west flank, crews will continue mopping up the area of planned ignitions from August 6 and heavy equipment will continue building out the new containment line started yesterday.”

The BC Wildfire Service said planned ignitions have successfully secured the south flank, the southeast corner, and the southern half of the west flank.

“These planned ignitions have occurred from McKinley and Alberta Lakes area, along the 3900 Road to the Meadow Lake-Dog Creek Road junction, and up the Dog Creek Road to approximately the 30 kilometre marker,” the BC Wildfire Service said.

“Utilizing planned ignitions has prevented the wildfire from burning up to the control lines on its own under more active conditions.”

The BC Wildfire Service said as changes are made to evacuation alerts and orders allowing some residents to return to their homes, people should remember the area remains an active wildfire and WorkSafeBC site.

“Smoke will be visible, especially as we move into another period of hot and dry weather,” the BC Wildfire Service said.

“Crews, heavy equipment and aviation resources will continue to work in the area. Please drive slowly, give them the space to do their work and stay clear of active worksites.”

On Saturday, the District of 100 Mile House lifted an evacuation alert . Evacuation orders for some properties south of 100 Mile House issued by the CRD were rescinded and replaced with an evacuation alert, while alerts for other areas were lifted entirely.

More information on the status of evacuation orders and alerts can be found on the Cariboo Regional District and Thompson-Nicola Regional District websites.

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