Tremont Creek fire, burning near Ashcroft, surpasses 12,000-hectare mark

Tremont fire now 12,000 ha.

UPDATE: 5:45 p.m.

A fast-moving wildfire threatening homes west of Kamloops has seen another significant increase in size, now sitting at more than 120 square kilometres, according to new BC Wildfire Service mapping.

The Tremont Creek fire is now an estimated 12,061 hectares in size — up by more than 1,000 hectares from Tuesday mapping. The fire is burning out of control between Ashcroft and Walhachin.

“Wildfire activity continues to be expected to increase in the afternoons in some sections of the fire as hot and dry conditions persist, as well as strong afternoon winds,” the BC Wildfire Service said Wednesday in an update.

“A wind advisory is in effect for this complex.”

A number of evacuation orders and alerts are in effect due to the blaze.

This story will be updated when more information becomes known.

UPDATE: 2:31 p.m.

Municipal leaders in Ashcroft say the threat posed to the village by an out-of-control wildfire burning nearby remains "low."

The Tremont Creek wildfire is sitting at approximately 11,000 hectares in size, according to the latest mapping from the BC Wildfire Service. Most recent fire activity has been to the north and northeast, toward the Thompson River and Walhachin.

In a bulletin to residents on Wednesday afternoon, the Village of Ashcroft once again reminded those living in the community that they are on evacuation alert.

“Current threat to Ashcroft is classed as low,” the bulletin read.

“Last night’s winds resulted in active fire behaviour during the overnight settling early this morning, primarily to the north flank.”

According to the bulletin, staff at the Ashcroft Terminal inland port have taken steps to safeguard the facility and its cargo.

“Ashcroft Terminal is very proactive and have installed multiple fire guards,” the bulletin read.

“BC Wildfire [Service] toured the site and have deemed the [facility] as low risk due to all the preventative measures that are ongoing at the site. Dangerous goods are secured and protected from fire and positioned in the middle of the site surrounded by non-combustible rail cars with fire guards and fire-smarted property surrounding the site.”

The bulletin also urged Ashcroft residents to remain calm.

“We know these are challenging times and want to assure you staff and council are doing everything we can to share current factual information in a timely manner,” read the letter, which was posted outside the village post office and shared on social media.

“Please remain calm, be prepared and be kind.”

This story will be updated when more information becomes known.


Ashcroft firefighters worked throughout the night fighting an out-of-control wildfire covering more than 10,000 hectares west of Kamloops Lake.

The Tremont Creek has seen significant growth in recent days. The fire is burning between Ashcroft and Walhachin.

The blaze was estimated at 5,000 hectares in size as of Tuesday morning, but is now an estimated 10,916 hectares, according to mapping completed on Tuesday afternoon.

Crews have set up sprinklers on the Walhachin Bridge, as well as a number of structures in Walhachin. New mapping made public on Tuesday shows the fire has reached the CP Rail lines on the south side of the Thompson River in two locations — just west of Walhachin and just east of Ashcroft.

“Heavy smoke continues to challenge visibility on sections of the fire and periods of significant winds are challenging aircraft operations,” the BC Wildfire Service said Tuesday in an update.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

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