Some forecasts calling for Kamloops to hit a scorching 47C next week

Could Kamloops hit 47C?

If forecasters are to be believed, Kamloops could set an all-time record in the coming days for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Canada.

Temperatures in the Tournament Capital are expected to spike on Friday and stay very hot into next week.

According to Environment Canada’s forecasts, highs on Saturday and Sunday in Kamloops will be 40 C — which would mark the first time that hot-weather landmark has ever been reached in the city in June.

Some private weather forecasts are calling for even hotter temperatures, however.

According to the Weather Network, highs will reach 38 C on Saturday and 41 C on Sunday, followed by 43 C on Monday and Tuesday. If that prediction comes true, Kamloops would have a number of new weather records, as the highest temperature ever recorded in the city is 41.7 C.

On Google, the Weather.com forecast is calling for highs of 42 C on Saturday and 45 C on Sunday, with temperatures increasing to 47 C on Monday and 46 C Tuesday, before cooling off to 43 C on Wednesday.

If that forecast were to pan out, Canada would have a new all-time hottest temperature. The current record is 45 C, which was recorded on July 5, 1937, in southeast Saskatchewan.

Global News meteorologist Mark Madryga shared a forecast on Twitter on Thursday showing the potential for a high of 45 C on Tuesday.

On iPhones, the Apple weather app is predicting highs of 39 C and 42 C on Saturday and Sunday, with temperatures rising to 43 C on Monday.

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