Upper Sahali woman relieved to see bear cub in back yard, not burglar

Bear cub in Sahali back yard

An Upper Sahali resident says she was relieved to see a bear cub in her back yard and not a burglar — which was where her mind went when she heard something rustling.

Last Friday, Natasja Rahel was standing on her balcony with her mother when they spotted the cub.

“We were having a look at the fruit trees. And my mom said, ‘Oh, those trees are starting to bear a lot of fruit.’ And moments later, she's like, ‘Natasja, there's something here,’” Rahel told Castanet Kamloops.

“The bear was just kind of on the steps below. It started wandering up and all around the yard and was pulling the fruit off the trees and eating some.”

Rahel said the cub surveyed each of her fruit trees, wandering the entire yard.

“He went up to the apricot tree, ate an apricot and spit the pit out.” Rahel laughed.

She was a little surprised at first she said, but figured the cub must have needed a snack.

“It was it was an exciting moment. But the poor little guy, he looked pretty hungry.” Rahel said.

According to Rahel, after finishing off some fruit, the bear made its way to her neighbours yard, and she hasn’t seen the it since.

Rahel said the night before seeing the cub, she heard a loud banging outside her home.

“I heard this really loud thing. And it was very startling. I was like ‘There's something outside.’ I thought it was a person,” Rahel said.

But seeing the bear the next day offered Rahel a suspect for the late night visitor.

“I spotted the bear. And I thought okay, I bet that’s what was making all the racket,” she said.

Rahel’s encounter comes as Kamloops residents are being warned about bear safety by WildSafeBC.

As spring has sprung, so have the bears — and residents are reminded to limit bear attractants in their yards.

According to the city, bird feeders, easy to access garbage and dirty barbecues are all invitations for a bear to come visit, and should be properly dealt with to reduce the risk of urban bear sightings.

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