Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective opening new, expanded storefront Saturday

Beauty business expands

Despite the pandemic, a local hair and makeup business has seen a season of growth in the past couple of years, according to owner Cassidy Watt.

Her business, Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective, specializes in bridal hair and makeup, an industry hit hard by the pandemic. However, Watt said there has been a lot of demand from those eloping or for other occasions, such as photoshoots.

Watt said since 2019, her business has moved from being a one-woman venture to employing 10 people, prompting a move from her former 100 square foot studio to a larger space on Victoria Street.

“All signs are showing that it's a good time for me to expand, even though COVID obviously played a huge impact on our business. But so far, things have been amazing,” Watt said.

“I've had the best team to work with, the best clients. And it just felt like maybe with a little bit of that free time, I could spend more time creating the space, as we had a little bit of a breather from the really busy wedding season that we're used to having.”

The grand opening for the new brick-and-mortar Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective location is scheduled for Saturday, May 1.

Watt said they have booked appointments for the day, and they have some live social media demonstrations planned.

She said she was selected to be part of Venture Kamloops’ Accelerate program, which helped her make the transition to the new space.

“They hooked me up with a real estate agent, an interior designer, a business coach, there was so many cool things that I got to reap the benefits of through this program,” she said.

“It was just like a fresh set of eyes on my ideas, which was nice, because i’m very used to working alone, as just being the owner of my business.”

Watt said the larger space would bring a number of benefits.

“We can make sure it's super clean, make sure physical distance distancing is in effect. And it just kind of allowed us to make sure that when our clients come to get the hair and makeup done, it's on brand with our company, and just gives us a little bit more control,” she said.

“It's good to have a home base that we can work out of, and our clients can come to and feel really safe and comfortable during COVID and afterwards.”

Watt said although there have been challenges along the way, she is proud of the space she has built.

“We had a little plan on my phone that I would look at about what I wanted it to look like, and now to see it be real is really cool,” Watt said, adding that all the renovations were completed by her fiancé and herself.

“Also, to see my girls in here working as well, we went so long with not having a location or being really small. And then to have them in here all at once, and then that like team feeling again was really, really special.”

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