BC SPCA say they removed 38 dachshunds from a Kamloops-area property

38 wiener dogs seized

Dozens of miniature dachshunds have been removed from a Kamloops-area property after it was discovered they were living in “substandard and filthy conditions,” according to the BC SPCA.

In a statement, the SPCA said a total of 38 dogs — 10 adults and 28 puppies — were seized from the property Tuesday.

“This is a situation where the dogs were being kept in unacceptable conditions and were being bred for profit,” said Eileen Drever, senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations for BC SPCA.

“We had attended the property and [had] given the owner opportunities to improve the conditions for the animals, as is required under our legislation, but when the owner did not comply, a warrant was obtained to remove the dogs for their safety and well-being.”

The SPCA said the dogs were living in cages and other areas with excessive feces, levels of ammonia from urine, and surrounded by objects that could have caused injury.

According to the organization, the dachshunds are “poorly socialized and very fearful”.

They are receiving veterinary assessments and will have on-going care and behavioural support at the SCPA.

The BC SPCA said the dogs are not available for adoption at this time.

Drever said large-scale intakes of animals from a cruelty investigation can put a strain on resources.

“The BC SPCA is very grateful to animal lovers for their support in helping to ensure these dogs and puppies get the care they need.”

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