Kamloops business owner looking to reunite found diamond ring with rightful owner

Looking for owner of ring

A Kamloops business owner is hoping to reunite a valuable diamond ring with its rightful owner.

Roberta Nechvatal, owner of Eat Clean on McGill Road near Thompson Rivers University, said she found the ring about four months ago.

“In December, before Christmas, I was sweeping up the floor in the main restaurant and I saw something out of the corner of my eye,” she told Castanet Kamloops.

“It was right in front of my till. I bent down and it was this ring.”

Nechvatal said she initially thought the ring might be costume jewelry, but it’s authentic. She researched the Seattle-based jeweller who made it and found such rings can be purchased in some Kamloops stores.

An appraisal revealed the ring’s substantial value, which Nechvatal said she prefers to keep a secret until the diamond has been claimed by its owner. Likewise, Nechvatal said she does not want a photo of the ring published in the hopes of keeping any claims of ownership authentic.

Nechvatal phoned the police to report the find in December. Mounties took the ring and put out a news release in the hopes of tracking down the owner.

Police had no luck, and Nechvatal said she got a call from the RCMP three months later saying the ring was hers to keep.

“Nobody ever claimed it,” she said.

“But I’m sure somebody out there is missing this ring.”

Nechvatal said she will sell it or have the stone reset if the owner does not come forward, but she would prefer to see the ring back on the hand of its rightful owner.

Anyone who can prove they own the ring can have it, Nechvatal said. She wants the owner to send a photo or other conclusive proof of ownership to [email protected]

“I would really like to find the owner,” Nechvatal said.

“If it means holding onto the ring for a bit, then I will.”

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