Two Kamloops businesses have won awards for oil recycling

Recycled oil wins award

Two Kamloops organizations have won top collector awards from the BC Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA).

Local businesses Castle Fuels (2008) Inc. and Desert Cardlock Fuel Services Inc. have received this award for the second consecutive year honouring their exemplary performance and commitment to the collection of used oil and antifreeze materials throughout 2020.

“It means that people in Kamloops really like to recycle, which is great,” David Lawes, CEO of BCUOMA told Castanet.

“It also means the facilities have done a really good job of setting up in the right location and providing the message out to the community, so the residents are aware of where to take it back and how to take it back.”

“The infrastructure they provided is obviously doing a great job, in terms of protecting the material when it’s brought in and being easy to use for residents and consumers," he said.

BCUOMA is a non-for-profit dedicated to collecting and recycling used lubricating oil, oil filters, oil containers, used antifreeze and antifreeze containers in B.C.

“In B.C., three quarters of used oil collected is turned back into new lubricating oil. So it's a really good circular economy, reuse-type story,” Lawes added.

“It’s a good environmental story. And for antifreeze, 100 per cent that is collected is turned back into new antifreeze products. It could be antifreeze that goes into your vehicle. It could be windshield washer fluid.”

These are the second annual awards presented by the BCUOMA, and Lawes believes it is important to recognize those within communities who are doing an excellent job recycling these products.

“When people do great work like this, especially during trying times, I think it's just really important that we recognize this. There's so many things going on in people's lives right now. But some of those great things, we should recognize them.”

Thirty businesses in the province’s B.C. Return Collection Facility (RCF) received plaques this year based on criteria such as the total amount of product collected at each location, the number of years the company has participated in the RCF Program and demonstrated support.

To find out where to drop off old oil and antifreeze, click here.

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