TRU's Oleksandr Kondrashov completes asset map project and posts Welcome to Kamloops ebook

Map of lights for Kamloops

A local professor has completed a map of houses in Kamloops with notable holiday lights and decorations.

TRU’s Assistant Professor Oleksandr (Sasha) Kondrashov has completed another asset map project for the use of locals and visitors during the winter holiday.  

“I recently finished another asset map project to celebrate the winter holidays,” Kondrashov says. “I will also keep updating the asset map of winter holidays lights best decorated houses for 2021 in Kamloops and hope more newcomers and locals will find a way to enjoy Kamloops this pandemic winter.”

This map shows a photo of the houses with the best lights, as well as where they are located so people can go and see them in person. 

In addition, Kondrashov has also completed and posted his e-book, Welcome to Kamloops, on the Kamloops Immigrant Services website

Having started this project in 2020, Kondrashov will be updating the e-book going forward with help from the Kamloops community. 

“I will be getting new submissions for the July 2021 edition soon,” he tells Castanet. 

Kondrashov started this project with the help of many Kamloops locals, in order to give travellers, as well as locals, ideas of what to do and see while in Kamloops. 

Check out this interview Castanet did with Kondrashov about his book back in August for more information.

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