Fast & Furious star Tyrese Gibson donates his hotel room stay to homeless family in Kamloops

Star donates 3 hotel rooms

After wrapping up filming in the Kamloops area, singer and actor Tyrese Gibson decided to leave the city early, which meant the hotel rooms dedicated to him were going to be left empty.

However, instead of just leaving, he decided to reach out to a family down on their luck, who were preparing to sleep outside in below-freezing temperatures.

In a video shared on Gibson's Instagram, he makes the decision to offer the rooms to the people outside.

"Now that I’ve wrapped early, I have three rooms given to me, and I’m not going to use them, so I don’t know what’s about to happen," he says in the video, before going out to have a conversation with the people, who can be heard but not seen.

He'd seen them earlier in the day and had dropped off some food.

The video includes a conversation between Gibson, in a car, and the couple.

"Can you help us with money or something?" the woman can be heard asking Gibson, after he rolls down his window. "I'm freezing and homeless."

"Yeah," he replies. "We're giving [away] three rooms."

Gibson and another man explain the situation.

The family was directed to come in via underground parking to avoid being stopped at the front desk, Gibson adds.

He wraps up the video by asking others to be do more for those living rough.

"If you see someone sleeping outside in the freezing cold, don't turn a blind eye. Do something. Buy them blankets. Give them food, warm water, something, anything," Gibson continues.

In under a week, the video has garnered more than 82,000 likes and gained coverage from places like People Magazine and other American publications. He told People he didn't film the family's faces for privacy concerns.

The film he was shooting near Kamloops is called "Dangerous" and will also star Scott Eastwood, Famke Janssen and Mel Gibson.


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