Local veterinarian office donates time to spay, neuter cats in need

Vets act for cats in need

Sammy's Forgotten Felines got some big help Sunday from the Kamloops Veterinary Hospital.

The cat rescue organization was able to have 16 cats spayed or neutered by the clinic on Sunday, a day the clinic isn't usually open. The procedure has been an issue for Sammy's since COVID-19 arrived.

"With the COVID pandemic causing long wait times for surgeries in many veterinary practices, a lot of cats are waiting for spays or neuters in order to be adopted," states the organization in a press release.

Luckily, staff from the clinic decided to step up.

"Those who were available... to work today, came in and donated their day to spay and neuter 16 kitties for our local Sammy’s Forgotten Felines Cat Rescue," states the clinic's Facebook page. "It was a hugely successful morning and a great way for our team to be able to give back to our cat community. These kitties were all examined, dewormed, vaccinated, tattooed and microchipped. All checked out healthy and recovered well and these ladies had a great morning of fun!"

The day of procedures will have a big impact on getting the cities feral and homeless cat population under control says Sammy's co-founder Julie Ondang.

“Kamloops has a large homeless cat population, with feral colonies or community cats found in all areas of the city. We want to thank the Kamloops Veterinary Clinic for their amazing work today," she says in the release. This will help us find homes for these cats so other homeless cats can be taken in and cared for.”

To see photos of the women at work, click here. For more on Sammy's Forgotten Felines, click here.

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