Founding member at Kamloops Hospice retiring after serving community for almost four decades

Early hospice member done

A founding member of Kamloops Hospice is retiring after 39 years.

Jenny Quince has taken pride in caring for people during their end-of-life experiences.  

"It's been quite the journey for me and I think I've learned a lot more compassion working here, patience. I've feel that over the years I have become a kinder person," says Quince.  

In addition to deeply missing her colleagues, she says she will miss interacting with patients and their families.  

"Kamloops is one of the most generous communities I think you could live in. It's grown over the years, but we're still like a little town," she expresses. "This city is the best."

Quince has been there for many residents over the decades.

"She's one in a million, there's no two ways about that, you know, she's been there for such a long time," says Bob Caines, whose wife spent time in hospice. 

"She was one of many of the staff who were literally the best caregivers that you could find anywhere, you know, and the overall experience was absolutely wonderful," he adds.

As for what’s next for Quince? Definitely not slowing down. She has two daughters and two granddaughters that she wants to spend more time with. She's also looking forward to have more time to go hiking. 

Her parting words for the Kamloops community are, "I'm going to miss you! But I'll still be around."

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