A story shared by Castanet leads to a Brazilian man getting his final wish before he leaves Kamloops

Last wish granted

A man who wants to give his sons lasting memories of their life in Kamloops before they move back to South America was granted his one last wish.

Castanet recently shared a story on Oct. 14 about Rodrigo Leme, a father-of-two who lost his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The loss forced him into a decision to move back to Brazil, one of the hardest choices he has ever had to make.

In that story, Leme tweeted at the City of Kamloops to see if a garbage truck would make a special stop so that his two-year-old son Tomás could see it up close. The tot is "obsessed" with garbage trucks, his dad said in his tweet.

The city made it happen.

In the meantime, Leme wanted to get his other son a Kamloops Blazers jersey before leaving town. However, the pandemic made it difficult.

Once again, the community came through.

"A woman reached out to my wife after she read the story and said she has a jersey for my older son. She said her son only wore it once or twice and she wants us to have it," Leme says. "I also had someone message me privately on Facebook offering a jersey. He said he would be happy to buy a new one when the pandemic goes by, but I had already accepted the offer of the jersey from the first woman."

"I went to the bank the other day and a couple of people in the line recognized me from the video and they came to chat with me about it," he explains. "They told me they wanted to help me find a jersey too. People are very supportive."

Leme stresses that this is what he will miss most about Kamloops, a place he says is full of supportive people. 

"People approach you and go above and beyond to help. It's a beautiful community here. I'm so thankful."

When asked when he will come back to visit Kamloops, Leme says, "If it was for me, I would never leave. But the moment I get time off and the resources to do so, I intend to come by and visit Kamloops."

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